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Who We Are

Sanathan Textiles Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001) is one of India's leading yarn manufacturers engaged in the production and export of Polyester, Texturized and Cotton Yarn (POY, FDY, DTY, ATY, Twisted Yarn and polyester chips). We strive to provide our customers with the best quality and variety of innovative yarns for generations to come.

Conceived in 2001, Sanathan has been built on a foundation of strong ethical values and unnerving dedication. Our sole focus is to weave symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationships, one at a time, with all our customers, agents and employees. A team of hard-working and dedicated professionals is constantly at work to make this possible.

The promoters of Sanathan have been active and integral members of the Yarn Community for over 75 years with world-class technical knowledge and first-hand experience of business in the yarn market. Primarily family-owned and professionally managed by the Dattani family, Sanathan's ecosystem is strongly embedded with a culture of trust, support and values.

We cater to customers across the globe. Our creations have reached the hands of millions worldwide in the form of yarn and associated value-added products such as apparels, home furnishings, luggage, sportswear, ropes, umbrella etc. Every thread of yarn that exits our perimeters has been produced using state of the art resources and tested before it traverses across seas.

We operate under the ideology that a consensus of all our stakeholders is the driving force behind our organization. They are the firm foundations that breathe life into the organism that is Sanathan Textiles. Our stakeholders range from our employees, our suppliers, our agents, and most importantly our customers. Together we strengthen the fiber that composes Sanathan.

With a technologically forward and well equipped manufacturing facility located in Silvassa (DNH) - India, an experienced staff at our corporate office in Mumbai and various other branch offices around the country, we are committed to its aim of providing

Innovative Yarns for the Fabric of our Lives.

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