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Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Fully drawn yarn is a variety of a highly drawn polyester filament that is widely used to produce fabrics and textiles. Fully oriented yarn polyester (FOY) is also known as fully drawn yarn (FDY). The process to manufacture fully drawn yarn is similar to that of partially oriented yarn (POY). However, the yarn is produced at very high spinning speeds compared to POY and combined with intermediate drawing. Further, the high spinning speeds enable stabilization through orientation and crystallization.

Fully drawn yarn is widely used as a weft or a warp during the production of fabrics. It can be knitted or woven with other types of filament yarns to procure a wide variety of fabrics. Fully drawn yarn is majorly used in several industrial applications that require uniformity, tenacity, shrinkage, and elongation.

It is important to understand that choosing the right type of yarn could be challenging. It is crucial to opt for a textile partner that understands your needs and applications efficiently. Sanathan Textiles is a well-established fully drawn yarn manufacturer in India and has a highly reputed name worldwide. Sanathan has installed latest Wing Winder technology for FDY manufacturing from Barmag, Germany. Sanathan produces FDY with wide range of specs and in various polymers e.g. SemiDull, Bright & Cationic.

FDY Bright Trilobal

Denier Range: from 40 denier to 800 denier

FDY Bright Cationic Dyeable

Denier Range: from 40 to 300 denier

FDY Semi-Dull Round

Denier Range: from 40 denier to 300 denier

FDY Semi Dull Cationic Dyeable

Denier range: 40 to 300 denier


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