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Draw Textured Yarn (DTY)

Draw textured yarn (DTY) is made from Partially Oriented Yarn(POY). When the POY is drawn and Twisted at the same time, the end product obtained is a draw textured yarn. The technical specifications of draw textured yarn have made it ideal for a wide range of applications as it can be moulded in several ways as well.

Draw texturized yarn is the most used texturing process in the textile industry owing to the numerous advantages associated with it including its ability to process continuous-Filament yarns of different types of polymer and not only thermoplastics. Further, many heating techniques are used to make the yarns suitable for specific applications.

Sanathan Textiles is a well reputed textured yarn manufacturer in India and established itself as a strong market player in the last sixteen years. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Sanathan produces textiles of the highest quality in India. Sanathan has installed state-of-art texturizing machines e.g. Barmag, Muratec & indigenous Allidhra.

Draw textured yarn can be manufactured in various colors by implementing the dope-eyed technology.

Draw textured yarn made at Sanathan finds applications in weaving & knitting for fabrics that are used to manufacture, clothes, bags, seat covers and more. Sanathan is leading supplier of DTY to global automotive fabric manufacturers.

Semi-Dull DTY

Denier range: 30 to 1200

Filament range: 14 to 576

Full-Dull DTY

Denier Range: 50 to 300

Filament range: 36 to 144

Bright DTY

Denier range: 150 to 1200

Filament range: 72 to 576

Cationic Dyeable DTY

Denier range: 50 to 300

Filament range: 36 to 144


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