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Cotton Yarn

Sanathan Textiles is one of the most well-reputed Polyester and Cotton yarn manufacturers in India. We manufacture the highest quality of cotton yarns that are cost-effective and one of the best in the industry. Moreover, the cotton yarns manufactured in our manufacturing plant by using the best quality of raw materials. Cotton yarns are available in a wide range of sizes and color.

Like the other variants of yarn, cotton yarn are used for industrial as well as other purposes. The cotton yarns produced by Sanathan Textiles are used for:

Weaving - Dress material, sheeting, suiting, shirting.
Knitting - T-shirts, undergarments, single jersey
Flat Knits - Sweaters, pullovers.
Protective Apparel - Suiting, uniform, uniform sheets
Denim - Core spun, natural stretch

The different types of cotton yarns include cotton carded yarn, cotton combed yarn, cotton compact yarn, and others.


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